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 World war 3 ~note it will be violent and not for the faint at heart~

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PostSubject: World war 3 ~note it will be violent and not for the faint at heart~   Thu May 19, 2011 5:15 pm

) prologue)

It was a warm day in japan the world was just barely re-cooperating from the economic disasters and such.Japan was at his home talking to america as the news reports that war breaks out between Russia and Kazakhstan*america beginning to call out his troops stationed in Afghanistan to help the kahzhak army as it continues to happen. In a few days a Major incident happens at a Moscow train station as a massive massacre begins*over a 1000 people are killed in the incident from bombs and gunfire as a couple dead bodies the Russian government claims are american troops in disguise.

America begins negotiations with Russia and china unaware until a crisis develops as massive amounts of troops are spotted in Alaska and new York. American national guard troops quickly are dispatched as Russia aided by china begins a full scale invasion in the united states *america begins to fight back as this was quite clearly the start of a world war.

And So Began WOrld War 3
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PostSubject: Re: World war 3 ~note it will be violent and not for the faint at heart~   Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:12 am

New Zealand through away the newspaper she was reading with disgust. 'Honestly,' she thought as she looked outside her window. 'You'd think they all would've learned from the last two wars. But no, they have to fight. They have to fight...' "Before long Arthur's going to join in, and as always, I'll be expected to follow him like a loyal little lap dog." New Zealand clenched her fists. If she was entirely honest, she hated being seen as Arthur's 'lap dog' as she put it. She had grown quite a bit since the last two world wars. Gallipoli and Greece had toughened her up. She hmphed. "Well, we'll see about that. As far I'm concerened, this war has nothing to do with my country. But the second the bomb drop...b*tch, it's on."
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World war 3 ~note it will be violent and not for the faint at heart~
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