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 Sands,Stones,Ruins (Chapter 1)

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Sands,Stones,Ruins (Chapter 1)  Empty
PostSubject: Sands,Stones,Ruins (Chapter 1)    Sands,Stones,Ruins (Chapter 1)  I_icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 9:08 pm

Title: Sands,Stones,Ruins (Chapter 1)
Characters: Greece,Turkey
Chapter: 1
All rights reserved to the peeps who made Greece and Turkey, everything is else in the plot line is made by me.

"Ah, shhhh…!"

My eyes opened to notice my kitty sitting right on my chest as I was dozing off.

"I know your hungry..."

I sat up slowly and started to gently pet my kitty. I silently sighed as it purred like a motor. I then carried up into my arms and I got up and walked right into the kitchen. I then started to make some food, while that I started to feed the kitty. After my food was done I sat down on the porch and started to eat it quietly as the sun raised from the east. Then it hit me once again in the head, she came to my head. My mother. I only sighed just thinking about her and how much I missed her a lot. I wished she was alive, but the world isn't perfect like most people say. She was so nice and gentle with me, but not just with me but mostly with everyone who wanted to be nice with her. Why did she have to be gone? They say she was killed by force, and the killer was my father. I never wanted to believe such a story. I knew they loved each other! He couldn't have just killed her; well... at least I hope he didn't. If he did kill her by force, why did he do it? My 'brother' and I always thought it was for power. My father and I now usually don't get well now during the day. Although I have always wondered if he really does hate me. I wish he didn't if he even did.

I then put the dishes back into the house and came back outside with my kitty following behind me into the beautiful, grassy, lush fields, all of it filled with a different story in time. I loved to take walks around these fields, they were always quiet and no one to be bothered by, but that's till I ran into my father. I only muttered his name under by breath, trying to not say something else inappropriate. He only looked at me with a glare as if he wanted to kill me instantly like he supposedly did to my mother. I looking at him, started to feel fear run up my body. I started to back away a bit from him, trying not to trip back onto a rock but he had grabbed my arm tightly like an anaconda trying to get its prey. I was really nervous now and I looked down not daring to even look up again at him with the fear that ran through me. I only frowned. My hands started to shake a lot although I tried not to show a sign of weakness. I could feel his hand grip tightened a bit more on my arm and it hurt a lot. I then with a bit of hesitation I asked him,

"W-what do you want father?"

I heard him growl a bit. I was always scared of him when I was younger. He didn't reply to my question which only scared me even more and I panicked. I took a big risk and I yanked my arm away from him. I then ran quickly not even daring to look back, although I head him running after me which only made me run even faster than before. I ran faster and faster without even hesitating to even move out of the way from rocks and other things that were in the way. I just jumped over the things, but that was a big mistake. I then tripped by a small ditch that was on the ground and fell down violently on the field.
I had hit my head pretty badly when I fell, which man that hurt hard. I tried to sit back up but It was even too hard to breathe and I slowly fell back unconscious right there…
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Sands,Stones,Ruins (Chapter 1)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sands,Stones,Ruins (Chapter 1)    Sands,Stones,Ruins (Chapter 1)  I_icon_minitimeSun May 08, 2011 3:30 pm

(Ooooh another story! And it's looking good! Greece has a horrible dad (I'm guessing it's greece) and his poor mother Sad they always die first. This was really interesting to read, I like how you write about the character's past. One mistake I saw was the spelling 'your' in the line "I know your hungry", should be you're Very Happy Hope greece is ok, keep going awesomeface )
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Sands,Stones,Ruins (Chapter 1)
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